Phillip Harrington

Phillip Harrington

Good Man,
Kind Person

Late thirties, part time father of two. Enjoy: music, movies, kayaking, hiking, art, Feng Shui, LOA, people watching, and feeling better.


From: Morrisville, NC
Originally from: Watsonville, CA
Other cities: Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Phoenix

Current musical project: Looking for a band in Raleigh! Formerly playing drums with deliriums. Other projects are on hold. Music

Current work: PHP Developer at Atlantic BT. Building PHP Web Applications using a variety of OOP frameworks and methods.

Selected work history: The Walt Disney Company - Disney Destinations & Parks and Resorts Online; Johnson & Johnson; Vandelay Industries (really); WorldAve, SoFla.

Blog: My thoughts and musings are on my blog.

Philanthropy: Monthly Donor to Responsible Charity. Coming soon: Charity A Week.

2014 Resolution: Deal with all the things I haven't been dealing with. Get my act together. Be nicer.


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